Be Patient… but LIVE!

A friend of mine sent me a video (the one I hope I’m able to post along with this, if I can manage the technology!!!) which made me think for days… it made me think, it made me cry and it made me laugh.

It made me THINK because it’s so true… it’s not fair that our life needs to comply to a time-frame that society defines as successful… in a way it undermines your confidence and belief in yourself.

Who said that in order to be successful you need to have your own business? Who said that unless you buy a house, unless you have a family, unless you have lots of money, unless you have an important position… you are not successful?

What is the measure of Success? Who is so important to judge if your life is successful? Who is so important to judge… YOU? So before you think about everyone else judging your life (and before you think about judging someone else’s)… why don’t you think about YOUR life? What makes you feel successful? How do you see Success? What does it mean to you?

It made me CRY because although your time shouldn’t be rushed by anyone else…sometimes the truth is that your time is there… but your time is waiting for someone else’s time. You just don’t know who.

As an independent woman, living in a foreign country by myself, building whatever little I can, dreaming of my own version of Success… I can tell you that time is passing by. The clock is actually ticking. And you see your chances of getting your own family getting slimmer… the chances of finding a “normal”, interesting, smart, funny and single Man are decreasing as each month goes by… in no time, a month becomes a year. And a year turns into years sooner than you think.

The chances of finding the one who takes your breath away seem farther and farther. Your body is not getting any younger. Your hair is not getting any shinier or stronger (or darker). However… I can also say… your Mind on the other hand… is getting sharper, dreamier and more and more unsettled.

Every now and then Life makes sure you get a glimpse of what it should be like. And also ensures you can’t have it. And you become restless. This restlessness is tiring. You have no way of making it more peaceful. It doesn’t get kinder. You don’t get any kinder with yourself because you simply don’t know how.

In these short glimpses, you learn how amazing it could be. And it’s pure delight. You envision ultimate happiness in a second. But as I said before… Life makes sure you only get a taste. And you respect it.

You secretly pray for that person to be Happy. You secretly pray for him to understand how important his happiness is… what I mean is… let it be meaningful. Someone like that deserves the caring, the sharing and all of you… all of himself. Let it not be to waste.

Let it not be a waste of vibrant, colorful, meaningful LIFE.

Let it not be a waste of your SOUL.

It takes two to Tango. It always takes two to Tango.

And it finally made me LAUGH.

Although your useful time of biological age is going by, you reach the conclusion that it’s definitely not over yet. And that if there’s not a specific time to start, there’s also not a specific time to end.

Some are waiting to start their life. And they feel somewhat empty because they wonder “is this all there is to it”?!

Others may think that because they are long married, with children, with “successful” careers… it’s done. And as much as they feel super proud (as they should be proud for such generous gifts that some can only dream of) many of them feel somewhat empty because they wonder “is this all there is to it”?!

So I thought maybe I really am where I should be because I’m sure this is not all there is to it. The marriage, children, successful career are a Dream… they are proud, amazing, meaningful milestones. I can’t wait to achieve them.

But I’m sure even when I do get every single one of them, every little piece of Happiness they will bring me… there will always be more to live, more to dream and more to achieve. Whatever it is at each stage of My Life.

So regardless of age, of external pressure, of internal pressure… What makes your clock really tick? What gives you the goosebumps? What makes you laugh? What makes you crave for more? What makes you curious? What makes you Feel?

What makes you Meaningful and Alive throughout your life?

I really do wish we can all find out the answers to our questions!…

I wish the Hurricane of thoughts within our brains may one day find its Sunshine.

PS – and no, Sharing is not Caring… not when it comes to your Man! 😛


Easter Time… sweet chocolate day!!

And just because it’s Easter Time, let us celebrate the time of Love and getting together.

Even far from Home and Family, you do what you can to spend some time with meaningful people.

People who make everything seem better, happier and easier. Surround yourself with those who make a difference in your life, those who connect with you. Those who make your time worth while.

To those whom I wish they were here, I send all my Love!

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Because wine is considered the Nectar of Love, what could be more appropriate than the synchronicity between your ideas and your wine?

With a few glasses of wine one becomes the most fearless of beings, capable of their true, inhibited self.

One is capable of saying “I Love You” with no reservations, with no games.

Wine becomes the excuse to do what you don’t have the courage to do without it. It relaxes you, it makes you smile and it makes you softer.

That’s why it’s such a pleasure sharing a glass of wine with your Man. You’re sharing a simple pleasure of Life, a tiny gesture of Love.

I cherish that thought but for now I share my wine with my friends, with the ones in my life who became part of me. Happy Easter and cheers to US!

May Health and Love bless us throughout our lives!

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Questions, questions, questions…

When you have no idea what the future holds, you just try and keep it together. When you face the reality that it might not go the way you always thought it should and would be, your mind starts playing games.

You over analyze every bit of everything. You become an over thinker. There’s no smooth way of putting it.

A billion thoughts per second which your brain can’t process. You can’t isolate them and look at them from the outside.

You have no answers. Only questions.

And you can’t stop yourself from thinking it all. It’s the speed of light within your mind…. Should I, shouldn’t I? Questions, questions, questions. A million different IFs?

Try and step aside. Try and look after yourself today. One day at the time.

And keep the dreams alive.

Regardless of them ever happening or not… what’s the point of assuming they will never happen?!

So why not assume they will happen?!

Sooner or later. Be patient.

Look forward to whatever is out there.

You may want it so much… but if it’s not meant to be yours, let it go.

And something one day will come to you.

To be yours to keep, love and treasure.

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Energy in Motion

Some people just have an ability to see YOU.

They look in your eyes and you instantly know they are there.

They are PRESENT in that moment.

They simply connect straight to you. Straight to your soul.

You don’t need words.

It’s pure energy in motion.

Beautiful energy.

Not only you don’t need words as you cannot put it into words.

There’s no description for Chemistry.

There’s no description for Connection.

One touch and you know that person shines from within and lights up all of you.

You don’t know What it is.

You don’t know How.

You don’t know Why.

You just feel.

And you dream that one day you’ll find that feeling again. ##loveandeverydayaffairs #myblog #energy #lightwithin #shineon #energyinmotion #brightside #connection #touch #awesome #personalblog #live #love #life #lifeblog #beyourself #keepsmiling #yinyang #letgo #daydreamer #kiss #sensitive #intense #believe #dreambig #dreambigprincess

One Hug, One day

Some hugs feel the tightest yet the most relaxed.

They allow you to be in the moment as you are.

Some hugs just feel forever.

Others are just there, in your mind and your imagination. They are not yours to keep. They are not real.

Your mind craves for the day they might just be real, yours to keep and forever.

Your mind craves for Connection.

But sometimes it’s just not there, it’s purely the result of your vivid imagination.

You just keep believing one day it will be real.

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