A Nation’s Dream in a World Cup

World Cup kickoff was yesterday.

The world is now watching and thinking of one thing only. How is their country going to do in the World Cup?

I wonder why we put so much faith and trust in our team.

I think it’s because those 11 players are bringing yourself out there for everyone to see it.

They represent millions of people.

Portugal is a small, beautiful country.

Unfortunately poorly managed, with lots of corruption in between.

However… the football team aims higher. It aims to bring us back into the world as once before.

It wants to make a whole Nation Proud. And the 10 million Portuguese people want and need to feel Proud at times like these.

So we support these 11 individuals, who get together as One Team, as One Nation, to make a statement for us.

To speak for us, to show who we are.

If we lose, FairPlay will be here to say… better luck next time.

But we don’t aim for better luck next time.

We dream of Victory.

We dream of Pride, with full heart and soul with those guys, who in 90 minutes need to give it all, to make their dreams come true.

Because their dreams are somehow ours too.

The official Portugal World Cup song has been released and it says it all:

“Sometimes I feel like giving up but I just can’t, it isn’t in my blood.”

It’s been adjusted to say (in Portuguese):

“Eu sou o que trago comigo. Se acreditar, sonho contigo.” (I’m what I’m carrying with me. If I believe, I’ll dream of you.)

“Eu vou acreditar que vamos conseguir, que vamos conquistar. Nós somos Portugal, uma só voz no coração!” (I believe we’re going to make it, we will conquer it. We are Portugal, one single voice in our heart!)

Especially when you live abroad, these words echo and make so much sense.

It’s bigger than the Cup, bigger than the title.

It’s a feeling inside that you want to show the world.

We are not looking for arrogance nor lose our humbleness.

We want to feel Proud as a Nation. So we believe.

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(Portugal World Cup Song)

In My Blood – Shawn Mendes

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