Let’s Get Physical?!

Sorry, not sorry!

Physicality is awesome, do not get me wrong!

It’s part of being and feeling like the Woman you are, let’s be real.

And it’s fundamental in a relationship! It’s the salt, pepper and spice!

However, it becomes awesome as you get to know your Man.

I dare saying it becomes awesome as the result of what brings you together on a completely different level.

The body and mind just follow with it’s intertwined connection.

And that’s what makes the bomb.

So, well… if a guy can’t offer anything but… is that all he’s got?

Maybe it’s not all he’s got but it’s what he’s willing to give to you.

It may be a quick fix but you’ll soon see it’s far from enough… depending on your own standards and goals at each point of your life, I guess.

But on the long run… don’t really think it will satisfy you.

But that’s just me saying 🤷🏻‍♀️😏

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Me, Myself and I… in Nepal.

Me, myself and I… given a choice, would I have done it differently?


But most times in Life, it’s not about what you want, it’s about what you get, and what you do with it.

Your friends may be unavailable, maybe they don’t want to visit the same places you do…

Would I prefer to go with my Love? Of course, if I had one!

“It’s always better when we’re together” isn’t it?

But worse than going alone, would have been to sit still feeling stagnant and not doing anything for myself.

This trip pushed me in many different ways… it did give me that ultimate sense of freedom and independence, exploring my own boundaries… but I missed sharing it, I missed somehow the feeling of “protection” and connection.

So of course there are pros and cons, as with everything.

But one thing I’m sure of… I cannot simply wait forever… for someone else, for better circumstances, always for something else… so I went. Again.


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How Big is a Bag Pack?

If we can pack our life in a backpack for a week, what is it that we really need to be happy?

We fit clothes, toiletries, iPad, books, flip-flops et voilá…

ready for a short vacation!

You know what else we fit into our bag packs?

Dreams… lots of them.

Dreams about to come true.

Dreams you were able to fulfill.

We fit in it our bag packs the expectation of Time Off, pausing your usual life to make it briefly different.

You fit in the expectation of learning just by looking around and gazing at different people, cities, cultures.

Ah… The butterflies in your belly whenever you’re packed because you know something’s about to happen.

And then the feeling of going back home 💙

And there it is… so much fitting into a bag pack!

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Different World

What a summer this has been! Two ✅ on my bucket list on the same year 💙

One planned 3 months ahead, the other one planned 3 days ahead! 😛

And it was amazing!

Kathmandu, Nepal… Such memorable adventures, cultural challenges, an intense influx of information to my six senses… yes… 6 instead of 5… touch, sight, hearing, smell, taste and… feel!

I felt present, I felt overwhelmed, I felt humbled, I felt privileged, I felt vulnerable. I felt alive. It was an overflow of real colors, dispersed sounds and smells!

A civilization written of living History and traditions!

I pray that in Life I have many more opportunities to “just go”.

I pray for Health, Love Connection and Travel… it’s living culture, a learning playground!

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Trip to Kathmandu – my Impressions

As my trip is almost at its end, I’m trying to recap everything that I’ve seen and felt throughout these past 3 days.

Trying to organize ideas but it’s been so overwhelming and intense that it’s impossible to translate everything into words.

Kathmandu is not a quite city.

It’s not somewhere you can actually quite down the mind.

It’s buzz all around, extra polluted air, an adventure to cross the street and a maze! And yet, as you get to know it a bit more, it kind of grows on you.

The first day I was so impressed by #pashupatinathtemple that I almost didn’t dare taking pictures.

The spiritual environment, the symbolic rituals, the meaning and the intention set in each detail overwhelm you.

Respect was my key word for this Temple. The sacred river looks everything but.

Still, I’m the one out of context.

I understand the concept though.

And the concept is indeed a beautiful one. This is a Hindu worshipping temple.

Next I went to… a Buddhist temple.

A city where these 2 religions co-exist apparently as harmoniously as salted caramel chocolate.

It’s a wonderful, sweet balance and there’s room for each flavor.

The #boudhanath Stupa was full of life, energy, colors!

My key word here: Balance.

Everything seems to fall into place.

Each religion with its Gods and Deities hold special beliefs and spiritual traditions. They are different but they deeply respect each other.

And that alone should be a lesson the rest of the world could very well learn.

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Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang… the opposite but complementing energies…

We all have them both.

It’s naive to think otherwise.

The feminine vs the masculine, light vs dark, introspection vs action.

Key word: balance.

Whenever we say we want to surround ourselves of good energy and good vibrations because that’s what’s in line with the universe, we need to understand we are Human and not machines.

And humans are made of different vibrations in different moments.

No one is pure positive energy all the time. Everyone has a heavy dark side.

The thing is recognizing it and becoming self-aware.

Isn’t it the first step to deal with it?

Self-awareness will make you decide who you want to be… the bright or the dark? Self-awareness is when you begin to grasp that you can make a choice.

Allowing yourself to fall completely into darkness or allowing yourself to shine? Will you allow yourself to work on that balance and aim for it?

It’s not about eliminating the darkness.

It teaches you a lot about who you are in all your dimensions.

It’s part of who you are.

It’s about co-existing with it, minimizing it, it’s there but it doesn’t take over.

Because you’re in control.

How do you take control?

I began with self-awareness.

I knew I didn’t want to Be my dark side.

I didn’t want to be defined by it.

Then I aimed for Self-acceptance.

Then I worked on Self-love.

And eventually I found Self-respect.

Lots of “self” here. Does that make me selfish?


The truth is I spent too much time of my life giving all my love, all my attention to someone else.

I always gave the best of me to someone else.

That led to the annulment of Me.

I was weak thinking I was strong.

I worked a lot on myself.

I looked for help in order to succeed in doing so.

To reach the point in which I know who I am and what I want.

I now know my Higher Self, my own high authority knows better.

Instinct? Gut feeling? Choose your words.

Observe yourself.

How affected are you by tiny things?

Do they actually impact your life?

You’re bigger than that.

And stronger than you think.

You just need to make your way towards what you envision.

And just like Yin and Yang, allow yourself to not be framed into the standard dichotomy “good or bad”, but whole.

And I believe a whole Human Being is inherently Good at its essence. The rest is just loud background noise.

Kitten Love

How can these creatures be so sweet and so pure loving?

I took care of these babies for one day only as I learned my cat allergy wasn’t under control even on anti-histaminic… I only had them for one day and my place felt empty the minute they were gone!

They gave me a terrible night! Day sleepers and night players 🤪😱🤦🏻‍♀️🙈

Even not knowing me, they filled me with their kitten love and their therapeutic puurrrrrrrr!!

Do you still seriously doubt its frequency is therapeutic?!

It is!! You immediately feel better!

Pets give Life to any place!

They give out their own energy, you just need to receive it 😍

To think kittens like these can be just out in the streets, abandoned or mis-treated is something I can’t ever grasp… so I admire the efforts of people who unfold themselves to provide them with foster or forever homes!

People who approach Life with a spirit of kindness and caring 💙

These babies deserve it so much 🙏 (whatever they have in loud volume meow 🙀they make up in sweetness😻)!!

So whenever you decide to get a cat, a friend, a keeper, make sure you adopt!

So many out there waiting for the opportunity to keep you company, make you laugh with their silliness (and careless bravery! 😳) and give you lots of cuddles!! 🥰 So… adopt, don’t shop!

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