Inner Toxicity

“It’s not about fixing toxic people, it’s about fixing in yourself whatever has connected to them”.

Yesterday I was reflecting on what could make a guy make certain promises and raise certain hopes to a woman and then disappear.

Today I’m reflecting on what is it about women that makes them believe so quickly and strongly in all those sweet words and actions.

Is it that we live in fantasy land?

Is it that we crave for affection that much and just like that connect to someone whom we don’t really know?

Is it that we have so much love to give that we just give it to anyone who wants to take it?

We put ourselves in this kind of situations and we don’t even know how we got there.

Are we so needy, so empty, so naive that we don’t see it?

It makes us so exposed to toxic people… because something in us is also toxic.

That level of toxicity turns into an addiction to tiny crumbs of affection.

So what’s our responsibility in that?

How about we fix ourselves first?

How about we fix our own health, pride, self-esteem, dignity and sense of self-respect?

It’s not an on and off switch.

It doesn’t happen just because you want to.

Your mind and your body play tricks.

Your heart is a mystery.

It takes a long time until you understand which is which.

It takes time until you draw the line simply because you want to.

The awareness that the key to start a detachment process is within you is the first step.

Most times we don’t hurt because of love but because we’re lonely, broken, scared we’ll be alone forever, with no family of our own, no kids, no living the dream.

The prospect of designing a life in which you’re the solo protagonist, with no support structure, is overwhelming.

So we get attached to anyone who sees us in hopes of them being different.

That connection comes from our fragility, fears and insecurities.

These ones are to be acknowledged in a relationship but they can’t be all there is to it.

And sometimes, they are all to it.

That’s when you know it’s a toxic relationship.

And that’s when you know you can’t fear losing something you’ve never had.

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I forgive. But I don’t forget.

I don’t understand how someone can say and do so much and then disappear as if nothing has happened.

As if I meant nothing.

You made me insignificant overnight and decided not to tell me.

I only know the person you are today is not the person I met.

You’re not who you showed me you were.

I met someone warm, caring, manly, vulnerable, strong, beautiful on the outside and on the inside, mature, insightful, with sense of humor.

Now I only see at distance passing by a cold ice block, indifferent, touching arrogant kind of person.

I still don’t think this is you.

I still think you hurt.

I still think you’re lonely.

I still think you feel unappreciated.

I still think something grounds you and keeps you from living.

But… I know you didn’t want my help, my support, my growing love.

No one is obliged to want someone in their lives.

But one is obliged to show respect for what’s been said and done.

You know better.

You can do better.

Even if it’s stepping away.

You could have done it the right way.

But you chose the mean, small way out without an apology.

You chose to inflict the pain you always hope to spare yourself from.

I’m good, but it does hurt.

I don’t hide.

I don’t pretend to be super human.

I do have feelings. Lots of them.

I am too much.

I will always be too much.

I forgive you anyhow.

It’s easy to forgive, impossible to forget.

I do hope you find your way to happiness.

To fulfillment.

To your dreams.

As I hope I find my own.

My own intense happiness.

My own intense, unconditional, understanding, non judgmental love.

My own intense fulfillment.

My own “too much”.

And with that wish and wishing you much love, I turn the page.

I free myself.

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It can do no wrong

We all speak of Happiness.

We all want to be Happy.

We all want to raise our vibration to the highest levels.

(Hot theme nowadays)

Because we believe that by aligning with the Universe vibration, we will be in sync with everything the Universe is holding for us, the abundance we desire, in every aspect of our lives.

So we’re all searching for our inner beings of light… we’re all searching for that higher consciousness and clear intuition.

We do what it takes to reach it.

And one of the things we do in order to do so is “rejecting” what/who is not aligned with our vision.

Because of their negativity.

Because they drain our energy.

And that can’t happen.

Where does that leave the ones who struggle to raise their energy?

How do they transform the heaviest darkest demons into the lightest brightest angels of white and golden light?

Do we simply push them away? Do we ignore them?

Or can we maybe create our own protection bubble and share the universe energy with them?

Maybe we can try to teach them?

Maybe we can help them?

Sometimes it really is too much. And you need to “help yourself” first to be able to help others.


Maybe there’s a balance in between. Between giving and receiving.

As an exchange of ever flowing energy, which isn’t always ever clear blossoming and ethereal.

And this should be acknowledged.

Maybe we can do our bit.

And it doesn’t have to be specifically through the vibration or energy of the universe.

You just have to do good.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, regardless of status, beliefs, demographics… Do and be the best version of you.

Keep it real and simple.

The rest may be semantics.

Or it may be a way of life.

It’s up to each one of us to decide.

“As long as it comes from a place of Love, it can do no wrong”.

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Not Waiting

When you wait for no one to travel with you, for no one to buy you gifts or your favorite treat, for no one to motivate you to go for your dreams or make plans with you… it can be a pretty lonely life.

It can be a real threat to your mental (and physical) health.

Yes, you make your own plans. You make your own decisions with no consultancy.

No one will be there to have your back. If you fall, you fall on your own.

There’s no soft landing.

(If you’re lucky enough to have a few good friends, keep them. They will be invaluable throughout your journey, they do soften the blows a bit)

It’s rough, it’s tough but you always got it.

It’s just the way it’s always been, the way life taught you.

How strong do you need to be to love yourself like you’re not waiting for someone else to do it?

How much do you have to believe in your self worth?

How grounded do you need to be to try and evaluate every falling piece of your life and stick them all back together?

How much Hope do you need to breath in and relax?

How much effort do you require to let go of that excruciating need to control the course of your life?

To face how it should be vs how it really is.

It is what it is.

Love yourself, improve yourself, work on yourself, treat yourself.

For no one other than yourself.

You need it.

You deserve it.

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Do no harm

So many different words, yet the same meaning, the same principle.

Love still pulls us closer than apart.

And everything that isn’t like that comes from greed, ego or simple stupidity.

I still believe we all want the same out of life in our core… until we allow something to corrupt it and we sell ourselves and our beliefs for so little.

About all the wars, about the violence, poverty, displaced people, destroyed homes, cities and historical world heritage monuments… what can be said and done to allow people to simply live in peace?

To allow people to simply feel safe?

The gift of Life is priceless and it’s handled nowadays as an exchange currency for something no one knows anything about.

The world is a vast beautiful place.

Why can’t we respect it as such?

Why can’t we just live and let live?

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Is Kindness a Weakness?

I recently had a conversation about leadership and how a leader requires “Achiever” or “Command” in their top 5 strengths.

Mine are “Harmony”, “Empathy” and “Individualization”, as well as “Consistency” and “Adaptability” and apparently they are not related to Leadership.

I thought maybe these strengths were weak so my mind wandered back to their true meaning, or at least what I was explained when I did this.

Harmony isn’t about wanting everything good all the time. It’s about building bridges and finding consensus within conflict.

Empathy is about understanding other people’s point of view and it’s deeply related to emotional intelligence.

EI is now more valuable to Leadership than IQ as per latest leadership “trends”.

Individualization is acknowledging each person’s strengths and optimizing them, making the most of each individual contribution to the whole. “The whole is more than the sum of the parts”. It’s about bringing individual synergies together.

I’m not a super brain, I’m not a numbers person.

I’m a people’s person who can follow a process.

But we need to be mindfull that when we privilege numbers over people, we privilege Management over Leadership.

Which is fine if that’s what we’re looking for.

We just shouldn’t be labeling them as the same thing when they’re actually not.

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The Measure of Success

Success… such a vague broad word!

Just like Happiness, it holds different meanings to different people.

But the feeling I get is that for most people Success is measured by either money, power, status or assets.

Mix everything together and there’s the most common recipe for success.

What else can success mean?

Maybe it’s the perfect body that ultimately makes you feel accomplished.

Or maybe public speaking while getting the crowd’s admiration and inspiration.

Maybe it’s family and kids.

Maybe it’s getting married.

For some of us it may be getting the backpack ready for one more trip.

It may be spending summer sipping your drink watching one more magical sunset at the beach chinringuito with your love or your friends.

It may be an endless summer life chilling on your flip flops.

It may be volunteering in an organization that actually contributes to improve someone’s life, and therefore you help improving someone’s life, as well as your own, just by giving back… paying it forward.

So you see… so many different goals.

All are legitimate.

The beauty of human diversity.

How do you measure success?

In any way it’s meaningful to you.

Success is what you want it to be.

It’s getting where you want to be, regardless of other people’s perception and expectation.

So… get your move on.




If you don’t know what success means to you… find out.

Experiment until you feel “at home”, just like finding love!

And then you’ll know.

Enjoy the ride 💙

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