About Being Free

As a single grown woman, you face many challenges by yourself. Many of them you wish you had someone to support you through them. Your safe cushion to help you sharing responsibilities if something goes wrong.

As a single grown woman you face the consequences of being completely free. You are the only responsible person for your actions, good or bad and their consequences.

But also, you’re the only responsible person for your Life…

For those of us who value the meaning of personal freedom, it becomes something pretty important. And you recognize it the smallest of things.

For me, I find it almost in meaningless day-to-day things… Driving listening to music I love, with the windows open on a beautiful road. It might sound ridiculous but one day, while I was driving back home, I did find myself thinking: I am free and I feel Free.

The ability to live your life without having to justify yourself to anyone is just… empowering. It’s like releasing your all of your energy by breaking any chains that incarcerate you, that contain you. And you feel bigger than that. You want to decide by yourself. You want to not have to explain.

You want to be Free.

You want the power of going where you want to go at the time you want to go.

You want the power of taking decisions without consulting with anyone, unless you find their opinion really matters.

You don’t want restraining anymore.

You want to speak your mind. You’re tired of society’s Terms&Conditions. But still you need to live by them. But in your own way. It’s a personal process and it doesn’t mean you have to step on anyone to be real, to be you.

Of course I’d like someone by my side. But that someone will have to be someone who understands the meaning of Freedom, and who understands the worth of keeping up with a free woman, a free spirit, a daydreamer. Someone who understands the worth of a whole woman. Not as someone’s sister, daughter, friend, employee. All of those are reflections of who you are in different contexts. But rather looks at you as someone who thinks for herself, acts for herself and stands tall by herself.

We all have weak moments. It happens to all of us. But those weak moments don’t define you.

What defines is how you incorporate them into your system. What you learn from them.

What defines you is All of you. All that you ARE and all that you believe you can and will be one day.

You build yourself everyday. By your choices, not anyone else’s.


Valentine’s is Here!…

Happy Valentine’s!!

It’s that time of year in which everyone asks you: ‘what are your plans for Valentine’s?’

And I just want to reply in a grumpy mood: ‘staying home watching Netflix’… but I prefer replying the exact same thing with a smile on my face… it’s not their fault in the end of the day and there’s nothing they can do about it. I’m actually going to an Anti-Valentine’s Party… it’s the new trend around here!!

(I wonder why?!)

I have nothing against Valentine’s Day… I just think that you can make Valentine’s Day any given day and don’t need a specific reason to celebrate Love, whether it’s a beautiful gift, a vivid moment or an unforgettable experience.

As I said in some of my previous posts I do wonder why is it myself and most of my friends are single. Modesty aside, we are independent, smart and beautiful women (sorry to sound presumptuous here).

Although we are career driven, there’s enough space within to accommodate Prince Charming (or frog!)… He’s definitely taking his time!!

But on this particular post, instead of reiterating my Fears about being single (which you can find in ‘Is This It?’), I want to focus on my Hopes.

I made a decision of not looking for Love anymore and so far I’m being able to keep my promise (more effectively than The Diet promise, at least).

The fact that I’m no longer looking for it doesn’t mean I don’t believe in it anymore. I still Believe. And I do Want it. But it’s not going to happen just because I want to, so better to get used to that and deal with it.

If on one hand I lead a pretty normal life, on another hand I’m a daydreamer. And I dream of everything, including Mr. Prince Charming!

I dream of little things: chilling on the couch over popcorn and movies, cooking (whatever little I can! He’ll cook better than me!) and enjoying a glass of wine. Going to the beach, to the movies, to the park. I’m a simple but versatile girl. If he wants to surprise me with dinner at a super fancy place, by all means, go ahead. I can take it. Travelling, exploring new places: it can be the new burger joint or the new hottest spot in town, can be a new country! It can be anywhere!

And then I dream of the big things (check also ‘The One’)!

I do dream of the one who will see through me. With no fears. With no lies.

The one who will see fire in my eyes and passion in my soul.

But most importantly, he’ll be able to ignite them. And he’ll be able to handle it all.

The one who will grow with me, keep up with me and will allow me to keep up with him.

Above all, I hope for truth. I hope for connection. I hope for complicity. I hope for committed freedom.

On this Valentine’s I celebrate setting myself free from my Fears and embracing my Hopes&Dreams.

I celebrate the trust in Myself. I celebrate my Strength and my Spirit.

And I’ll celebrate it with a bunch of tough ladies with soft hearts.


Sweet Lies

Do you know when you meet someone? And you feel optimistic about it?

You think ‘there’s something about this guy’ but don’t really know what?

He’s everything you wished for and you feel a connection, you ‘feel’ that it’s mutual… (or so you think… until you either kick or get kicked and the next guy comes along)

He’s telling you everything you want to hear… everything you so much need to hear.

Deep down you may know it’s a lie because everything is so fragile and so new that it might be gone in a heartbeat. So you choose to believe it… it gives you hope and you don’t always want to be on the negative note. You know when something is too good to be true, it usually is…

But these ‘sweet little lies’ are powerful.

These lies feed our hungry heart and soul.

You’re craving for something and you’ll take almost whatever is thrown your way.

That’s why inevitably you’ll ‘pretend’ to believe them and if someone sticks around for more than just a bit you’ll actually believe them. Especially if you’re a Believer yourself.

At this point you don’t have the rational understanding to deconstruct whatever is happening and you choose to go with the flow. ‘What will be, will be’… and you close your eyes and let go.

And it’s when you let go of your guard that reality hits you… These once sweet lies have turned into bitter pieces of words…

How could they only be lies? How could someone lie so well? How could you have believed it? Where was your sane judgment? How could you not see it? Is it my problem?

If I had a dollar for each time someone told me ‘you’re beautiful’, I’d be rich. You become immune to the word. I wonder what ‘beautiful’ means to them, as I’m very sure they say it quicker than they can breathe.

Compliments become vague and empty, meaningless.

You get used to living in a world of lies.

Now… here’s the thing… How will you know if they are sweet lies or not? It’s 8 or 80!

You either believe this guy you really like and seems to like you back and see where it goes, or you shut your door without even checking who’s there. And you sarcastically laugh whenever someone tries to get close to you because you know they’re bees looking for the honey. And you decide whether you want to be a Queen Bee or not.

So where’s that balance?

My heart is an open book. And I don’t know how to keep it closed all the time.

However, some time ago, I wanted to show it to anyone who came close to me. Nowadays, I feel like I have to ‘protect’ my book… not anyone can just come and read it. Not everyone deserves my sincere ‘This is Me’ posture. I wanted to show how funny, smart and interesting I was. I wanted to show the real Me, my personality.

But most people don’t know how to handle an open book. Or maybe they’re just not up for the reading…

They want the light surface of you.  But you’re not just a light surface.

There’s a whole world in each of us. There’s more to you than a smile. There’s more to you than ‘easy going’.

You do have an intense look on your face. You do talk about deep stuff. You do have a dream.

So for now, I just write my posts and keep my book closed.

Until the day someone who actually enjoys reading, opens it up and reads it till the end.

sweet lies

The Versatile Blogger Award – Thank You!

versatile award

Wow! Again I’m amazed for someone’s kindness in nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much https://jack0falltrade.wordpress.com/.

It’s wonderful seeing my writing appreciated by talented and creative people such as yourself in the blog community!!

I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to nominate 15 blogs! It’s a big blogosphere out there and it requires a lot of time to investigate! I think only over time I’ll get to explore and know the bloggers community! Thank you once again!

Here are the simple rules for the Award:

Write 7 interesting facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 blogs of your choice.

7 interesting Facts about Myself

1. What is considered an interesting fact about a person?

2. I don’t think I have 7 interesting facts.

3. I have a one eyed cat called ‘Pirata’ which means ‘Pirat’. I named her like that because she only has one eye and I wanted to get her an eye cover just like Pirats wear in the movies.

4. I love Astrology. Don’t really understand it but love the way it’s able to ‘understand’ your behavior.

5. My dream is to be able to go on a travel around the world.

6. I’m currently addicted to ‘House of Cards’… I find it completely insane.

7. When I was unemployed I decided I’d open an online business of cake baking (but then a I got a job in Dubai).

My nominees are