About Being Free

As a single grown woman, you face many challenges by yourself. Many of them you wish you had someone to support you through them. Your safe cushion to help you sharing responsibilities if something goes wrong.

As a single grown woman you face the consequences of being completely free. You are the only responsible person for your actions, good or bad and their consequences.

But also, you’re the only responsible person for your Life…

For those of us who value the meaning of personal freedom, it becomes something pretty important. And you recognize it the smallest of things.

For me, I find it almost in meaningless day-to-day things… Driving listening to music I love, with the windows open on a beautiful road. It might sound ridiculous but one day, while I was driving back home, I did find myself thinking: I am free and I feel Free.

The ability to live your life without having to justify yourself to anyone is just… empowering. It’s like releasing your all of your energy by breaking any chains that incarcerate you, that contain you. And you feel bigger than that. You want to decide by yourself. You want to not have to explain.

You want to be Free.

You want the power of going where you want to go at the time you want to go.

You want the power of taking decisions without consulting with anyone, unless you find their opinion really matters.

You don’t want restraining anymore.

You want to speak your mind. You’re tired of society’s Terms&Conditions. But still you need to live by them. But in your own way. It’s a personal process and it doesn’t mean you have to step on anyone to be real, to be you.

Of course I’d like someone by my side. But that someone will have to be someone who understands the meaning of Freedom, and who understands the worth of keeping up with a free woman, a free spirit, a daydreamer. Someone who understands the worth of a whole woman. Not as someone’s sister, daughter, friend, employee. All of those are reflections of who you are in different contexts. But rather looks at you as someone who thinks for herself, acts for herself and stands tall by herself.

We all have weak moments. It happens to all of us. But those weak moments don’t define you.

What defines is how you incorporate them into your system. What you learn from them.

What defines you is All of you. All that you ARE and all that you believe you can and will be one day.

You build yourself everyday. By your choices, not anyone else’s.


The Versatile Blogger Award – Thank You!

versatile award

Wow! Again I’m amazed for someone’s kindness in nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you so much https://jack0falltrade.wordpress.com/.

It’s wonderful seeing my writing appreciated by talented and creative people such as yourself in the blog community!!

I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to nominate 15 blogs! It’s a big blogosphere out there and it requires a lot of time to investigate! I think only over time I’ll get to explore and know the bloggers community! Thank you once again!

Here are the simple rules for the Award:

Write 7 interesting facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 blogs of your choice.

7 interesting Facts about Myself

1. What is considered an interesting fact about a person?

2. I don’t think I have 7 interesting facts.

3. I have a one eyed cat called ‘Pirata’ which means ‘Pirat’. I named her like that because she only has one eye and I wanted to get her an eye cover just like Pirats wear in the movies.

4. I love Astrology. Don’t really understand it but love the way it’s able to ‘understand’ your behavior.

5. My dream is to be able to go on a travel around the world.

6. I’m currently addicted to ‘House of Cards’… I find it completely insane.

7. When I was unemployed I decided I’d open an online business of cake baking (but then a I got a job in Dubai).

My nominees are















Dark Side vs Bright Side

Do you ever find yourself thinking how many different ‘personalities’ you can have?

Well I do! I astonish myself with how sweet, bubbly, understanding and warm I can be but under certain circumstances, I changed. And I became someone I didn’t like being.

I became the complete opposite of my usual self. It didn’t happen often but when it did… I didn’t recognize myself…

It was like a shadow over me, turning me into the dark side of me.

I started trying to analyze what had happened to make my feel like that… I came to the conclusion that the few times this happened, I was kind of lost… ok, very lost, let’s get real. I didn’t know what to do with my life, every single decision I made was wrong. This made me so anxious. I couldn’t even sleep.

I questioned everything, including my stay in Dubai.

I was super sensitive with way too much energy flowing in both my body and my brain, not knowing exactly how to manage it.

It seemed so strong, I felt I couldn’t really contain it and I got desperate trying to get it out of my system.

I felt permanently wired to electricity but so tired at the same time and not being able to rest and sleep. My friends were all on vacation on top of it all and I felt lonely.

For the first time in my life I thought I was going crazy and would lose my grip.

I couldn’t focus on anything except that horrible flow of energy feeling so different from the one I was used to. I was mostly in a bad mood and in a bad place which I couldn’t recognize and crawl out of.

This was completely new to me.

Everything bothered me… and I’m a really easy going person. My mind was so heavy.

That was not me and I didn’t know what to do. I was rock bottom in my own way.

As time went by, this dark cloud of mine was passing too. And I was starting to feel better.

As my friends were returning from vacation, my routine was settling back.

I was falling back into place as well. Everything in me started slowing down.

Then I met someone. Then I had a heartbreak. Then I recovered.

I dedicated the remaining time of 2017 to picking up my pieces and processing a whole year of adventures and yet not much progress.

As I worked through this, 2018 came in.

And I had promised that I would close 2017 exactly where it was… in the past.

When I came to terms with this decision, it seemed everything was just as it should be.

And I could finally take a deep breath because I felt like Me again.

I started writing my blog and Facebook page. Not to get many followers or Likes (I was never that much into social media) but I needed to “say out loud” whatever I was thinking.

It’s my way of speaking my mind to the world.

I’m happy to be back to my usual bubbly, easy going personality. I’m finally laughing again with simple stuff.

I can believe again in a bright future, with or without Prince Charming.

It will be My future anyway.

It’s easier said than done and sometimes you’re not able to see the future in such a bright way just because you want to. Sometimes something pulls you down and you lack the strength to see and think beyond. But I can tell you… that feeling will go away.

Don’t let it eat you away. Embrace it. We are humans, not robots.

We are made of emotions and they can either take us to an ecstatic heaven or fiery hell. And they are both part of us. That’s what my dark side taught me.

It showed me the full reality of Me. And now I know what I’m capable of, both in a good and a bad way. From now on, it’s my choice and I feel much more conscious of who I want to be.

Had I not gone through it, I would still not know that side of me.

And getting to know the worst of me has actually made me value the best of me.

bright vs dark