About Being Free

As a single grown woman, you face many challenges by yourself. Many of them you wish you had someone to support you through them. Your safe cushion to help you sharing responsibilities if something goes wrong.

As a single grown woman you face the consequences of being completely free. You are the only responsible person for your actions, good or bad and their consequences.

But also, you’re the only responsible person for your Life…

For those of us who value the meaning of personal freedom, it becomes something pretty important. And you recognize it the smallest of things.

For me, I find it almost in meaningless day-to-day things… Driving listening to music I love, with the windows open on a beautiful road. It might sound ridiculous but one day, while I was driving back home, I did find myself thinking: I am free and I feel Free.

The ability to live your life without having to justify yourself to anyone is just… empowering. It’s like releasing your all of your energy by breaking any chains that incarcerate you, that contain you. And you feel bigger than that. You want to decide by yourself. You want to not have to explain.

You want to be Free.

You want the power of going where you want to go at the time you want to go.

You want the power of taking decisions without consulting with anyone, unless you find their opinion really matters.

You don’t want restraining anymore.

You want to speak your mind. You’re tired of society’s Terms&Conditions. But still you need to live by them. But in your own way. It’s a personal process and it doesn’t mean you have to step on anyone to be real, to be you.

Of course I’d like someone by my side. But that someone will have to be someone who understands the meaning of Freedom, and who understands the worth of keeping up with a free woman, a free spirit, a daydreamer. Someone who understands the worth of a whole woman. Not as someone’s sister, daughter, friend, employee. All of those are reflections of who you are in different contexts. But rather looks at you as someone who thinks for herself, acts for herself and stands tall by herself.

We all have weak moments. It happens to all of us. But those weak moments don’t define you.

What defines is how you incorporate them into your system. What you learn from them.

What defines you is All of you. All that you ARE and all that you believe you can and will be one day.

You build yourself everyday. By your choices, not anyone else’s.