Trip to Kathmandu – my Impressions

As my trip is almost at its end, I’m trying to recap everything that I’ve seen and felt throughout these past 3 days.

Trying to organize ideas but it’s been so overwhelming and intense that it’s impossible to translate everything into words.

Kathmandu is not a quite city.

It’s not somewhere you can actually quite down the mind.

It’s buzz all around, extra polluted air, an adventure to cross the street and a maze! And yet, as you get to know it a bit more, it kind of grows on you.

The first day I was so impressed by #pashupatinathtemple that I almost didn’t dare taking pictures.

The spiritual environment, the symbolic rituals, the meaning and the intention set in each detail overwhelm you.

Respect was my key word for this Temple. The sacred river looks everything but.

Still, I’m the one out of context.

I understand the concept though.

And the concept is indeed a beautiful one. This is a Hindu worshipping temple.

Next I went to… a Buddhist temple.

A city where these 2 religions co-exist apparently as harmoniously as salted caramel chocolate.

It’s a wonderful, sweet balance and there’s room for each flavor.

The #boudhanath Stupa was full of life, energy, colors!

My key word here: Balance.

Everything seems to fall into place.

Each religion with its Gods and Deities hold special beliefs and spiritual traditions. They are different but they deeply respect each other.

And that alone should be a lesson the rest of the world could very well learn.

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