Photos and Memories…Moments!

Some pictures just take you to places.

Places of emotions, ideas, feelings, experiences, thoughts.

This picture reflects extreme happiness.

Pure happiness, non-restrained, with no expectations.

It was a “right here, right now” moment. You don’t care if you look good or bad on the photo.

These are memories of unconditional presence.

Memories that slowly have become lighter.

The invisible scars are now softer and gentler.

I respect them and with all due respect, I leave them in the past, where they belong.

I cherish them as a growing process.

I cherish them for their dreamy side, that turned into pain and finally into beauty.

I’m so happy I have these memories. They meant soul searching moments.

They meant intense living and laughing. They meant unconditional sweet surrender.

They mean I was lucky enough to have all of this!

And they teach me it’s possible.

Unlikely, very hard to happen again but not impossible.

And I appreciate every detail of the effort put into it.

My heart isn’t locked at all. It’s hopeful. With no fear or regrets.

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Author: Love and Everyday Affairs

The idea behind this page is to share my opinion and experience in what seems to be a crazy world nowadays. I look at myself, my friends and acquaintances and hear so many different, yet similar stories… of our search for Love, disappointments, insights. I wanted to share them! Considering cultural differences some adjustments had to be made. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

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