Where’s Your Vibe?

Vibrate higher!

I believe that your true self vibrates at a higher frequency.

Your true self is the happy, chilled, carefree, out loud laughing soul who makes fun of yourself.

The thing here is your true self starts hiding in virtue of a few life lessons, maybe a few emotional beatings and downfalls which instill deep fear.

So, bit by bit, your high vibration, your good vibe starts transforming.

You notice you don’t laugh that loud anymore.

Your shining light seems to not be there anymore.

You start wondering why.


Where did your true self go?

It’s not only the emotional scars who take it away.

It’s also about people.

People who are always down will pull you down.

So do your best to pull them back up.

But if they don’t let you at all, don’t let them drag you down.

Do your best for yourself.

Bring back your glow, even if you have no one to show it to.

It’s yours.

It’s who you are!

Laugh, be the silly in the room, be the one with the bad jokes.

But BE.

Be present.

Be alive.

Be free.

Be free from judgment, to yourself and others.

Don’t expect.

Don’t drown in apathy.

Don’t let life pass you by.

Regret what you do instead of what you don’t.

So where will you start to get your shining smile back?

What will you do to start reconnecting?

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Author: Love and Everyday Affairs

The idea behind this page is to share my opinion and experience in what seems to be a crazy world nowadays. I look at myself, my friends and acquaintances and hear so many different, yet similar stories… of our search for Love, disappointments, insights. I wanted to share them! Considering cultural differences some adjustments had to be made. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

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