It can do no wrong

We all speak of Happiness.

We all want to be Happy.

We all want to raise our vibration to the highest levels.

(Hot theme nowadays)

Because we believe that by aligning with the Universe vibration, we will be in sync with everything the Universe is holding for us, the abundance we desire, in every aspect of our lives.

So we’re all searching for our inner beings of light… we’re all searching for that higher consciousness and clear intuition.

We do what it takes to reach it.

And one of the things we do in order to do so is “rejecting” what/who is not aligned with our vision.

Because of their negativity.

Because they drain our energy.

And that can’t happen.

Where does that leave the ones who struggle to raise their energy?

How do they transform the heaviest darkest demons into the lightest brightest angels of white and golden light?

Do we simply push them away? Do we ignore them?

Or can we maybe create our own protection bubble and share the universe energy with them?

Maybe we can try to teach them?

Maybe we can help them?

Sometimes it really is too much. And you need to “help yourself” first to be able to help others.


Maybe there’s a balance in between. Between giving and receiving.

As an exchange of ever flowing energy, which isn’t always ever clear blossoming and ethereal.

And this should be acknowledged.

Maybe we can do our bit.

And it doesn’t have to be specifically through the vibration or energy of the universe.

You just have to do good.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, regardless of status, beliefs, demographics… Do and be the best version of you.

Keep it real and simple.

The rest may be semantics.

Or it may be a way of life.

It’s up to each one of us to decide.

“As long as it comes from a place of Love, it can do no wrong”.

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Author: Love and Everyday Affairs

The idea behind this page is to share my opinion and experience in what seems to be a crazy world nowadays. I look at myself, my friends and acquaintances and hear so many different, yet similar stories… of our search for Love, disappointments, insights. I wanted to share them! Considering cultural differences some adjustments had to be made. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

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