A well-behaved Woman

What is a well-behaved woman?

As per whose standards?

A woman is an entire world of emotions and feelings.

And those emotions and feelings may vary as per circumstances, the people around you, your upbringing and even… the moon 🌕 (let’s blame it on the moon 😛🙈).

A woman can be the truest friend, simple, funny, sometimes childish and naive.

She can be a sea of peace, a solid rock, a kind of a clown just to make you laugh.

She can be the best mother, the best friend, the best daughter, the best worker with the angel face… but still… she is a full grown Woman!

There’s a different side to her… she can be in charge of her own body, of her own mind, of her own attitude.

One doesn’t replace the other.

She’s all together.

She’s the Lady and she’s the Lion.

There’s enough space for both to co-exist.

There’s the right timing, the right context and the right people for each one of them.

Versatility is a gift.

As long as you respect yourself and respect others, it’s a welcome gift.

No woman should be judged by accepting her independence, her brains and ability to decide what’s best for her at any moment.

This doesn’t make her a bad human being.

It makes her human. It makes her flawed. It makes her complete. It makes her free.

And eventually, sometimes (and only sometimes), it makes her stupid.

It’s a work in progress.

Important to say not everyone understands the complexity of a grown woman.

Not everyone can keep up.

And that’s when she tends to make herself smaller… simpler… quieter… to fit in a frame it’s definitely not hers but she doesn’t know it yet.

Society and petty minds make her feel contained and at some point she needs to break free.

Ladies out there… please let me know if I’m wrong.

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Author: Love and Everyday Affairs

The idea behind this page is to share my opinion and experience in what seems to be a crazy world nowadays. I look at myself, my friends and acquaintances and hear so many different, yet similar stories… of our search for Love, disappointments, insights. I wanted to share them! Considering cultural differences some adjustments had to be made. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

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