The Lie

We all go through heartbreaks.

We all go through the tears, the fears, and the sleepless nights.

Some are harder to digest and take longer to fully close that cycle.

For me, the hardest to silence is the lie.

I had a very quick relationship but very powerful and intense. In that short span of time I was the happiest I had been in years.

I felt understood, supported, taken care of, a spoiled princess and a proud woman.

When we first met, he told me his story: divorced, had been married for 22 years with a woman whom didn’t have his back at any point.

From what I was told, it was an unhappy marriage where the friendship and understanding were gone.

Physical needs were fulfilled with no emotional connection.

So all of the sudden I knew this man’s story through his words, his eyes, his details.

One day he disappeared.

Vanished in thin air.

Without a trace.

I was shattered.

He later messaged apologizing for disappearing but “his family” was arriving the following week.

He never spoke to me again.

I realized “his family” meant his daughters… and his wife.

It broke my spirit.

It broke something I believed in.

He didn’t give me the power of choice.

It was my decision to make in full knowledge.

I think he knew exactly what my position would have been had he told me from the beginning.

I felt lied to, used, manipulated, humiliated.

This man introduced me to his friends and met my friends…. and there it was… the ugly truth.

He had introduced his new toy.

He gave me a lot. I value that.

But what he gave, he took in double.

The position he put me in brought me down quick, hard and into deep darkness.

But as we all know, we are machines.

You cry.

A lot.

And you wake up in the morning and go on about your business.

You forgive but you don’t forget.

And one day, a reminder is all it takes to bring it all back as if they were recent scars.

It all comes back to life.

And again, as a big girl, you take the blow.

So yes… people like me are like bruised fruit.

What do you do with bruised fruit?

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Author: Love and Everyday Affairs

The idea behind this page is to share my opinion and experience in what seems to be a crazy world nowadays. I look at myself, my friends and acquaintances and hear so many different, yet similar stories… of our search for Love, disappointments, insights. I wanted to share them! Considering cultural differences some adjustments had to be made. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!

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