The Year of the Lockdown

Human nature is never content.

Many of the ones who are in lockdown with their families wish they were alone.

Many of the ones who are alone through the lockdown wish they had a family to be with.

These are harsh circumstances… attending to work needs, house hold needs, kids needs, playing, home schooling…. where are your needs?

There’s no release.

For some it’s been about freedom of the mind and spirit, for some it’s been a prison not only of the body but mostly of the mind, where there’s no truce, no peace.

So many are going through this losing their job, losing their income… but the bills will still be there.

So many may be at the verge of depression and mental illness, even if they are living comfortably.

So many living in poverty with nothing they can consider a gift, except life itself and the act of breathing on their own.

The human brain, emotion and behavior is so unpredictable, especially in times like these.

So yes, let’s acknowledge, accept and respect all that’s going around, understanding it will pass.

And life will resume again.

For most of us.

Let’s not ignore the ones who passed away with no one holding their hands.

The ones who lost a loved one and cannot mourn in that last goodbye.

The ones who can’t go home due to their high risk activity.

And the ones who lose a loved one because they are trying to save the world, by saving one life at the time.

It will be a different world. It will be a different way of life.

Broken economies, broken businesses, broken spirits, broken households.

People more solidary, more conscious, more engaged and brought together with a purpose, with a voice.

The world will transform… colapse always brings rebirth, renewal, rebuild, reinvention, restart, restructure.

No one knows what this new world, this new way of living will look like.

But it will not be the same.

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Love will teach you

Like the sweet breeze of the wind whispering “It will all be alright”, you know deep in your heart you are enough to push through every single night.

Silence the mind.

Go with the tide and make sure to do your part.

You know there will be the better day when the right one will just stay.

And without any kind of deceive, he will know how to just receive.

Until then, live your fullest, find out what really makes you who you are.

And you are Love.

Find what makes you happy.

And do it.

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Freedom is a Gift

The challenges of this quarantine… obviously the feeling of being “locked up”… of feeling stuck… realizing the freedom we take for granted isn’t that free after all.

Realizing everything we do (and don’t do) can impact someone’s health, including our own.

Health we also take for granted.

Seeing ourselves deprived of social contact… we’re social animals.

Online gatherings help. It’s not the same but it helps a lot!

The miracle of social media allowing us to actually stay connected and engage into virtual communities.

We are deprived of seeing our family and loved ones, our friends… deprived of stepping out for a coffee, to go to the beach, to the movies, for dinner and drinks… everything we take for granted.

It can be nerve recking.

Suddenly it’s all taken from us… for our higher good.

It can trigger a whole world of uneasy emotions.

And suddenly you need to learn to relax.

In an active or passive way. Or both.

And suddenly you can see what’s always been in front of you but you’ve never really seen it because you were always too busy doing something else and going somewhere else.

And now you can just sit still.

And See.

And Listen.

To the quiet.

To the peace.


Look around.

Appreciate it for what it is.

We can actually allow it to linger and take our time.

It won’t happen again that soon once daily life resumes its regular pace, its regular needs.

These are tiny things… but big moments.

The ones that save you in times of crisis.

Find your refuge.

Take care of it and let it take care of you.

PS – it’s the moon, not the sun.💙🌕

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What are we learning?

In the past few days I have seen more people running and biking outdoors as never before… it makes me think we really don’t have enough time at home to do these little things.

The little time we have available on weekends is often taken to run errands and do things we don’t get to do during the week.

So these simple pleasures get left behind.

And these are the valuable things.

These are the true breaks that indefinite down Time allows for… which always reminds me that Time (and Health above all) is Life’s most precious gift.

The time to connect to yourself and your surroundings.

The time to appreciate in depth what you have created around you.

The time to improve yourself.

If you are aware of it and if you wish to do so, as no one else can do it for you.

Yes, there are many concerns and consequences we may not fully be able to foresee and measure yet.

And it can take a heavy toll on everyone.

Not knowing.

Uncertainty facing our hard work to build certainty.

To know what to expect.

To control… Going outside for a run may be a reflection of both inner peace or inner restlessness.

You may want to appreciate the outdoors desperately or you may want to escape the indoors desperately…

The need for freedom runs deep within the human soul.

Depending on what you believe freedom is, how you feel it and how you manifest it.

Freedom can be silent or it can be loud.

It can be body, it can be soul, it can be both… To each its own truth.

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Buckle Up

Anyone can relate?

Why do we just buckle up?

Why do we need to go on random adventure knowing it will just be a crazy rollercoaster that’s gonna give us a massive rush but in the end you wonder why you did it.

Because you knew what to expect.

You knew you were gonna scream and shout and almost pee your pants because you hate rollercoasters as they add absolutely no value to your life.

But you still jump to buckle up immediately.

Maybe one day you’ll learn to pass. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Buckle Up

Love is Blind

Netflix Love is Blind is such an eye opener!

For context, it’s about a group of guys and girls “dating” in pods, without seeing each other.

They all “date” each other on an alternate system until they feel like they establish a bond with one of them.

They’re in a house, with no phones and no contact with the outside world.

The guy and girl could only see each other when one of them proposed and the other one accepted (without ever having seen each other).

It shows with no mercy just how much people crave for love on a deep irracional level.

It shows how easy it is for people to fall in love, say I Love You and getting married.

Not only how easy it is to fall in love but how much people really need it.

They crave for unconditional acceptance, to be accepted as they are.

It’s a need beyond explanation.

This experiment shows that while a couple is “an island” everything works. It’s perfect as they’re living for each other only.

It’s interesting to see how everything changes when they come back from the honeymoon and the couple is exposed to their respective families and friends.

The whole couple dynamic is affected as soon as it’s exposed to the “external” elements.

The love that had started exclusively based on the soul connection level, shifts as social and family approval come into play.

I realized how much of it portrays real life and feelings are very real in one moment and then they’re just not real anymore.

I now understand it’s possible for a guy/girl to say so many intense, life changing words because they really feel it in that moment. They’re fully present and locked in it, eager to find what they’ve been looking for.

And the fact it changes doesn’t mean they were lying. It means it was a very intense and heart led situation.

It was a “right here, right now” situation.

I guess it’s the same in “real life”.

When you meet someone, it’s quick and intense.

It’s fiery.

It’s soul connection in a love bubble.

When circumstances change, it’s like that bubble looses its protection, all those magic words loose meaning.

As quick as the fire starts, it burns out.

It’s inherent to human being!

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Life in Motion

I absolutely love yin and yang sign… it represents everything about humanity in general and human beings in particular.

No one is bad only and no one is good only.

I believe we’re all good, but we all have a dark shade to deal with.

That’s why it’s so important to acknowledge it and integrate it with who we are.

It’s our choice which of the sides resonates with us the most, which of the sides we want to be and connect with the most.

They will both manifest.

It won’t disappear, no point in pretending it’s not there.

It’s about the self awareness and internal work to reach that yin yang balance.

Understanding what triggers it and how it shows.

And it may become a very heavy burden realizing our dark side is a powerful one.

It has the ability to control your thoughts, your (re)actions and, in its extreme, your inability to see life as a gift.

It creeps in that deep in your mind.

What I invite everyone to do when facing this heaviness, this darkness, is to think back of when you last felt lighter.

When life was worth living.

Remember that shadow is only as strong as light is.

So why allow the shadow to do its damage, rather than allowing light to overcome it?

Once you feel Light again, you’ll know you don’t need to live in darkness.

But you need to do your homework.

Your hunger for feeling bright again needs to take over anything else.

Understanding the secret lies in this Balance of Life is key to accept yourself, to care for yourself and build yourself towards your vision.

A kind vision.

A vision that pulls you up, not down.

Back and forth is normal.

But focus on that balance.

It’s a moving balance.

It’s never stagnant.

So understand we too need to adjust to that movement.

To that beautiful life in motion all the time.

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Inner Toxicity

“It’s not about fixing toxic people, it’s about fixing in yourself whatever has connected to them”.

Yesterday I was reflecting on what could make a guy make certain promises and raise certain hopes to a woman and then disappear.

Today I’m reflecting on what is it about women that makes them believe so quickly and strongly in all those sweet words and actions.

Is it that we live in fantasy land?

Is it that we crave for affection that much and just like that connect to someone whom we don’t really know?

Is it that we have so much love to give that we just give it to anyone who wants to take it?

We put ourselves in this kind of situations and we don’t even know how we got there.

Are we so needy, so empty, so naive that we don’t see it?

It makes us so exposed to toxic people… because something in us is also toxic.

That level of toxicity turns into an addiction to tiny crumbs of affection.

So what’s our responsibility in that?

How about we fix ourselves first?

How about we fix our own health, pride, self-esteem, dignity and sense of self-respect?

It’s not an on and off switch.

It doesn’t happen just because you want to.

Your mind and your body play tricks.

Your heart is a mystery.

It takes a long time until you understand which is which.

It takes time until you draw the line simply because you want to.

The awareness that the key to start a detachment process is within you is the first step.

Most times we don’t hurt because of love but because we’re lonely, broken, scared we’ll be alone forever, with no family of our own, no kids, no living the dream.

The prospect of designing a life in which you’re the solo protagonist, with no support structure, is overwhelming.

So we get attached to anyone who sees us in hopes of them being different.

That connection comes from our fragility, fears and insecurities.

These ones are to be acknowledged in a relationship but they can’t be all there is to it.

And sometimes, they are all to it.

That’s when you know it’s a toxic relationship.

And that’s when you know you can’t fear losing something you’ve never had.

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I forgive. But I don’t forget.

I don’t understand how someone can say and do so much and then disappear as if nothing has happened.

As if I meant nothing.

You made me insignificant overnight and decided not to tell me.

I only know the person you are today is not the person I met.

You’re not who you showed me you were.

I met someone warm, caring, manly, vulnerable, strong, beautiful on the outside and on the inside, mature, insightful, with sense of humor.

Now I only see at distance passing by a cold ice block, indifferent, touching arrogant kind of person.

I still don’t think this is you.

I still think you hurt.

I still think you’re lonely.

I still think you feel unappreciated.

I still think something grounds you and keeps you from living.

But… I know you didn’t want my help, my support, my growing love.

No one is obliged to want someone in their lives.

But one is obliged to show respect for what’s been said and done.

You know better.

You can do better.

Even if it’s stepping away.

You could have done it the right way.

But you chose the mean, small way out without an apology.

You chose to inflict the pain you always hope to spare yourself from.

I’m good, but it does hurt.

I don’t hide.

I don’t pretend to be super human.

I do have feelings. Lots of them.

I am too much.

I will always be too much.

I forgive you anyhow.

It’s easy to forgive, impossible to forget.

I do hope you find your way to happiness.

To fulfillment.

To your dreams.

As I hope I find my own.

My own intense happiness.

My own intense, unconditional, understanding, non judgmental love.

My own intense fulfillment.

My own “too much”.

And with that wish and wishing you much love, I turn the page.

I free myself.

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It can do no wrong

We all speak of Happiness.

We all want to be Happy.

We all want to raise our vibration to the highest levels.

(Hot theme nowadays)

Because we believe that by aligning with the Universe vibration, we will be in sync with everything the Universe is holding for us, the abundance we desire, in every aspect of our lives.

So we’re all searching for our inner beings of light… we’re all searching for that higher consciousness and clear intuition.

We do what it takes to reach it.

And one of the things we do in order to do so is “rejecting” what/who is not aligned with our vision.

Because of their negativity.

Because they drain our energy.

And that can’t happen.

Where does that leave the ones who struggle to raise their energy?

How do they transform the heaviest darkest demons into the lightest brightest angels of white and golden light?

Do we simply push them away? Do we ignore them?

Or can we maybe create our own protection bubble and share the universe energy with them?

Maybe we can try to teach them?

Maybe we can help them?

Sometimes it really is too much. And you need to “help yourself” first to be able to help others.


Maybe there’s a balance in between. Between giving and receiving.

As an exchange of ever flowing energy, which isn’t always ever clear blossoming and ethereal.

And this should be acknowledged.

Maybe we can do our bit.

And it doesn’t have to be specifically through the vibration or energy of the universe.

You just have to do good.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, regardless of status, beliefs, demographics… Do and be the best version of you.

Keep it real and simple.

The rest may be semantics.

Or it may be a way of life.

It’s up to each one of us to decide.

“As long as it comes from a place of Love, it can do no wrong”.

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